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Dear Holy Trinity Family, join Father Theofani for a Virtual Bible Study every Wednesday evening following Paraklesis Service.  Please fill out this form to receive the Zoom invitation via e-mail.

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June 11, 2020, 

Dear Holy Trinity Family,
As Father Theofani announced last night at the conclusion of Paraklesis Service, we are opening this Sunday at 25% of our maximum capacity, which comes out to 72 people out of our maximum capacity of 288. This is in accordance with New York State directives, as we are now in Phase 2 in Nassau County. The 72 includes Clergy (2), Psalti, Neokoro, Videographer, and 5 Parish Council members, leaving room for 62 parishioners.
Attendees must have a reservation by name. For now, the only way to make a reservation is by calling the Church office (516-433-4522) starting 9am Friday morning and speaking with Anna Maria - they must speak with the office - no email and no voicemail message will qualify. Each caller may reserve only for immediate family in the same household.
Memorials are given priority and are permitted to reserve a limited number of seats (max. 4) based on how many memorials we have on a given Sunday (again, names must be provided of each attendee).
All reservation holders are to arrive by 9:15 and no later than 10:00.
After 10:00, walk-ups (anyone without a reservation) will be permitted to sit inside the Church, subject to our maximum permitted capacity, and only if seating becomes available. If a reservation holder does not arrive before 10:00, they may lose their reserved seat to a walk-up.
All parishioners must wear a mask to enter the Church. We will keep a log of parishioners entering, we will ask you questions about prior exposure to Covid-19 and we will take your temperature with a no-touch thermometer before entering. When inside the Church we will do our best to comply with social distancing measures.
If you are not feeling well, we encourage you to please stay home. If you have young children, who are not likely to remain in their seat, please note that this could compromise our efforts regarding social distancing inside the Church.
Livestream to Facebook and YouTube will continue. Reservations for private prayer and Holy Communion are still being accepted by calling the Church office or via email at holytrinitygoch@verizon.net
On behalf of the Parish Council members who will be present, please remain patient and understanding as we attempt this limited re-opening. It has been a heartbreaking experience having to tell our fellow parishioners that they are not yet permitted to attend their house of worship. And while we are pleased to announce this limited re-opening, we are aware that this will not accommodate our entire Parish and we pray these restrictions are temporary and brief.
Please visit our website to complete your Stewardship Card, register your children in our programs, light a candle, make a donation, and to submit your prayers. http://www.holytrinityhicksville.ny.goarch.org/
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly or to the Church office.
Thank you for your continued support of our Beloved Holy Trinity,
Vassilios F. Proussalis

For past updates and information on the Covid-19 impact on our Church and Community services please visit the webpage: Parish Covid-19 Updates

We thank our sponsors who support our Church.  Please enjoy this brief slideshow dedicated to them and please support the people who support the church.  They need us now more than ever.

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During the Covid-19 crisis, please consider supporting Holy Trinity by making a donation through our virtual offering tray.



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